A centre full of love.

Melanie Standing’s personal (and international) struggle to save her feline friend from a terminal diagnosis made her aware of the shortcomings that exist in certain areas of animal care in Spain. This fact, together with her love for animals, drove her to train in fields such as canine psychology, education and training, floral therapies for animals, natural therapies, emotional massage, canine stress, animal nutrition and management of dog and cat residences in the UK, which gave her the inspiration to create the present-day Centro Kennels – an alternative for all those who, like her, consider their pets to be another member of the family   and, as such, place great importance on their wellness in the broadest sense of the word, a  home away from home where they are cared for and looked after individually on the basis of the love and respect they are given in their own families.

A team at your pet´s service.

Respect and the physical and mental well-being of each guest pet are the fundamental pillars of our project. That is why we champion and promote signs of calmness and the application of professional animal communication techniques, making sure at all times that we address our small guests’ moods and needs, to make their stay with us a positive and enjoyable experience.